Elevate Medical Spa about our Staff

Elevate Medical Spa about our Staff


Katie Pedicord: So I'm a physician assistant, I started my education at the University of Oklahoma for my undergraduate degree, and then I went north to their health science center in Oklahoma city. I've been practicing for about 12 years now.

So I was drawn to dermatology mainly because of the variety of things that you can do. There are a bunch of different disease states, some cutaneous oncology, cosmetic, and it's fun to be able to approach a patient and treat multiple problems from very different angles.

At Elevate Medical Spa patients can expect to receive compassionate care, and complete care, meaning that we will see you through from start to finish, whether you need cosmetic or even some medical treatment as well.

Suzanne Coverick: I realized I wanted to be an aesthetician when I was in the makeup applying business. I did bridal makeup, and some film makeup, and saw that people really needed help with their skin, and I think that was probably the turning point where I decided I probably need to get into the skin care business.

Tori Smith: So, I decided to be a nurse after I had received quite a few Botox treatments. I really loved the lady I was receiving Botox from, and I asked her how I could become a nurse like she was? And she said that I needed to go back to school. I went back to school to become a nurse, then to share with women the results that I had received, and that I really loved, and from Botox and general fillers.

Marni Davidow: How I got into aesthetics was I thought I wanted to be a makeup artist for the stars, and so I went to beauty school to do makeup and ended up learning everything about skincare, and I just fell in love with it. I love the medical aspect of skincare, I love doing treatments that make a difference in people's skin.