Dr Parker Elevate Medical Spa Overview

Dr Parker Elevate Medical Spa Overview


Dr. Thornwell Parker : I'm Dr. Thornwell Parker, director of Elevate Medical Spa and Cosmetic Surgery. I appreciate you taking the time to watch this video to learn more about what makes us different. First of all, my training is a little bit different. After completing training in plastic surgery at UT Southwestern, considered by many to be the number one plastic surgery program in the world, I went on to complete additional training in procedural dermatology. This type of training gives us some unique perspective in dealing with aging skin.

There are some other things that make us very unique as a practice. First of all, our staff. We have eight providers, two plastic surgeons, and a number of other providers, nurses, nurse practitioners, and PAs. Our providers are all over 10 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. In addition to that, we send them to the best training, from one coast to the other, from New York to California to Florida and back to Texas. We give them the best training to help make them the best. And we buy the best equipment that can deliver powerful and effective treatments that don't harm patients. 

Also, one thing that's unique is our philosophy. We believe in offering a wide range of treatments. If you went to a medical spa that only offered laser treatments, you're probably going to walk out with a laser treatment. If you went to a clinic that only does liposuction, you're probably going to end up with liposuction, but sometimes, those aren't the best options. So coming here allows us to help evaluate you and give you the best and safest medical options based on your needs.

Abigail: My name is Abigail, and I actually work in marketing in the seniors' industry, so I drive around a lot, and I'm always in the sun. So I am always in need of skin care services. The doctors and the staff here are so professional. They are incredibly thorough and make sure they take the time with you to customize your treatment. The amenities here are excellent, everything from how comfortable the treatment beds are to even the front office and how it's decorated and how it makes you just feel so relaxed and serene.

Dr.Thornwell Parker.: We're passionate about skin health. Aging skin is really our niche. We'd love to see you soon.