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Six Treatments to Reduce Flabby Neck Skin
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As the holiday season approaches, we want to look our best for the frequent dinner parties and socials we attend with friends and family. While some may choose a new outfit or pair of shoes, others may have a deeper desire to improve their appearance with Elevate’s medical spa and cosmetic surgery services.

The neck may often be a place that shows signs of aging far before other areas of the body, yet it is quite frequently neglected. Skin begins to sag with time, muscles can stretch and excess fat can cause the neck to lose its shape and make you look older. The following are surgical and non-surgical neck rejuvenation services recommended by Dr. Parker at Elevate.

1.    Face or necklift—this surgical procedure can enhance the appearance of the neck by tightening skin and underlying muscles of the neck and surrounding areas.

2.    CoolSculpting—a non-surgical treatment with minimal downtime can eliminate unwanted fat in the neck

3.    Kybella—this injectable is a non-surgical treatment that can destroy fat cells under the chin, preventing them from storing excess fat

4.    Fractional laser—a non-surgical treatment that can recondition skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles

5.    SkinTyte—this laser is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment, commonly used on the lower face and neck

6.    Botox or Disport—to simply target fine lines and wrinkles in the neck, these injectables could be an option to improve skin definition

Be sure to book a consultation to discuss these options and more with a well-trained medical professional at Elevate Medical Spa & Cosmetic Surgery.

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